The April/May issue was excellent, but I wish you had corrected Jodie Evans's misstatement ("We'll Stop When Wars Do") about the lame duck period from "the end of [George W] Bush's term" to [Barack] Obama's inauguration, which was pure nonsense. Bush's term ended when Obama took the oath of office, not before. If she meant from the election to the inauguration, she should have said so.

--Katharine Rylaarsdam, via email

I had decided not to renew my subscription under the impression your magazine was just another one full of propaganda about the war in Ukraine. Then I read the [April/May] issue and saw that most of the articles have an antiwar and antimilitary slant, especially the article by Noam Chomsky ("The Clock Is Ticking"), which provides the true history.

Years ago, I subscribed under Erwin Knoll's editorship and was interviewed by him for his radio show. He died shortly after, and sometime after that was an editorial declaring the magazine was no longer pacifist. The tone had changed, and I didn't resubscribe until a few years ago to give The Progressive another try.

One day, history will record the terrible mistakes being made now with the world divided into all of these warring camps, and [it will come to understand] how the war in Ukraine escalated until there were enemies of the United States everywhere, and with a death toll that could not have been imagined at the start.

--Katherine van Wormer Madison, Wisconsin

While I already sent a letter about Bill Lueders's column, I wanted to say in a separate note that your articles on war and the military in the April/May issue were well done. It was a reasonably nice in-depth look at various aspects of the problem, and I think as a result it was one of the best issues I've read. Keep up the good work.

--Bruce Barron

Castro Valley, California

I'm elated to receive my first issue of The Progressive when I've given up on [the others] holding our lost Democratic Party to account. Your forceful critique...

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