MIP Cancun: A Prelude of Things To Come at NATPE.


It's impossible to tell yet if this year's MIP Cancun was a success in terms of sales--a better opinion will be formulated at NATPE Miami, which is set to take place in late January. What is clear, however, is that last year's three-day, sixth annual edition of MIP Cancun in Mexico (which took place at the Moon Palace Resort and ended on November 22) was the most spectacular and eventful of these markets thus far.

It started with a "pre-opening drinks" sponsored by Latin Media and VIP 2000 TV, followed by a pre-market sit-down dinner for 150 people organized by Kanal D International. It continued with an opening party by the resort's seaside sponsored by Russia's RT, and ended with an extravagant party next to the resort's convention center after a fabulous Produ Awards. The ceremony brought a good number of Latin America's TV stars to the stage to present a whopping 39 awards.

This edition of the Mexican market also saw its first Formats Pitch, organized by London-based All3media International. In addition, WAWA, an association for female TV executives, held its traditional breakfast meeting, which was attended by a record 140 women. And a luncheon was offered by (MIP Cancun organizer) Reed MIDEM's faithful Chinese contingent.

All together, the market saw more than 700 participants, including a total of 202 buyers listed in the market guide, with the largest contingent coming from the U.S. (37), followed by Mexico (34), Brazil (23), Argentina (18), and Chile (17). Of the 166 selling companies listed, 40 came from the U.S., followed by France (with 16), the U.K. (with 14), Mexico (with 10), and Turkey (with nine). There were 19 conferences and two screenings, including Madd Entertainment's A Miracle.

The apparent success of this event is both astonishing and inexplicable according to participants contacted by VideoAge, considering the financial, political, and social turmoil happening right now in most Latin American countries.

The most troublesome comment came from a LATAM journalist and social commentator, who said, "Argentina, for example, went from a democracy to a kleptocracy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is very little money left to steal." He also said that after talking with several buyers, the consensus was that buying activities were basically mostly about pre-selections that will be finalized at NATPE Miami.

Despite all this, MIP Cancun sellers seemed to take the bad news in stride. "We went through ups and downs...

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