MIP Cancun Amid LATAM Turbulence.


Parts of the world are clearly in a state of turmoil. Just look at what's happening in the Middle East, North Africa, the U.K., Spain, and Hong Kong these days. But things in each of these regions aren't as volatile as the situation in Latin America today. Just before the sixth annual MIP Cancun, the specialized LATAM TV market that takes place in Mexico on November 20-22, the region is awash in political and social turmoil.

The latest addition to all this turmoil is Chile, but at press time (late October) civil unrest is brewing in Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, and Bolivia. And Argentina was in the midst of the recently-concluded heated election season and a monetary crisis that has severely devalued the peso. The crisis in Venezuela is constant. And now Brazil is faced with such problems as man-made Amazon fires. Plus, Colombia has reached what amounts to an uneasy peace with the FARC opposition-armed group, and Mexico has a perennially high-level of corruption as well as restrictive economic policies that were imposed after last year's presidential election. And this is all without counting the violent migrant crisis in the so-called Northern Triangle: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The only stable place seems to be Panama, but even there the U.S.-China trade dispute could slow down economic growth, while the cost of living continues to rise.

Nonetheless, towards the end of MIPCOM, participants started saying: "See you soon at the AFM" (in California), "at DISCOP" (in South Africa), and "at the ATF" (in Singapore). And many enthusiastically included MIP Cancun.

While still at MIPCOM, VideoAge Daily reporters quizzed a few attendees who said they were committed to attending MIP Cancun.

The most ecstatic of the group to respond was Rachel Glaister of All3media, which will sponsor an "Entertainment Formats Pitch" at MIP Cancun.

"We had over 30-plus entries," Glaister said, "and are very pleased with that as a response. It's a brand-new venture at a market that has never run anything like this before and we are looking forward to building relationships with the local production communities to build on this success."

Similarly, Fabiola Bovino, senior manager of Marketing for Disney Media Distribution LATAM, said: "We're proud of the 14 Produ Awards nominations that Monzon has received." Monzon is a Disney LATAM original 13-part series about the controversial life of Argentine boxing champion Carlos Monzon, and the winners of the Produ...

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