Mining Direction and Supervision Regulation

AuthorWilliam A. Sullivan/Christian Teo Purwono & Partners
ProfessionLicensed Foreign Advocate in Indonesia as well as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
Mining Direction and
Supervision Regulation
I. Executive Summary
1. Overview
1.1 The Mining Direction and Supervision Regulation (hereinafter referred
to as GR 55/2010) was issued with legal effect from July 5, 2010,
and by way of the implementation of the Article 144 of the 2009
Mining Law.
1.2 GR 55/2010 species the various forms of supervision that will be
carried out in respect of mining business activities.
2. Approach
2.1 Supervisory Authority: The Relevant Government Authority will
carry out supervision of the implementation of IUP/IPR/IUPK holders
mining business.
2.2 Supervision will be conducted, at least once a year, by a Mining
Inspector or a Supervision Ofcer.
2.3 Mining Inspectors: Mining Inspectors are responsible for the
supervision of:
a. Exploration techniques;
b. Mining techniques;
c. Resources and reserves calculation;
d. Construction and testing of equipment;
e. Processing and rening;
f. Transportation and sales;
g. Operational safety;
h. Reclamation and post-mining activities; and
i. Utilization of goods and services.

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