Mineral Spirits.

Author:Shapiro, Beth Hemke
Position:Book review

Work Title: Mineral Spirits

Work Author(s): Heather Sharfeddin

Bridge Works Publishing

264 pages, Hardcover $21.95


ISBN: 1882593987

Reviewer: Beth Hemke Shapiro

While playing on the banks of the Clark Fork River in Montana, ten-year-old Gray Dausman uncovers a rotting skeleton, sparking a murder investigation by Kip Edelson, Mineral County's new sheriff. As he searches to identify the victim and its killer, Edelson sniffs out a drug operation and struggles in his marriage along the way. Although he is challenged both professionally and personally before the mystery is solved, Edelson's bond with the young boy Gray only grows stronger.

The author is especially qualified to write about the West, since she was raised in a remote region of Idaho and was educated in Missoula, Montana. Like her main character, she is the child of a forester. The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association chose her earlier novel, Blackbelly, as one of the "Best of the Northwest," and New Hampshire's Portsmouth Herald called it one of the five best novels of 2005. In addition, it was "highly recommended" by Library Journal and was a winner of the annual Writers Notes Magazine Book Award for general fiction.

Fans of Blackbelly will recognize Sharfeddin's exquisite use of language and detail, as, for example, when she describes Mineral County as "a vastly vertical county," considering its ratio of people to pine trees. Local saloon owner Randy McHugh's foot calluses are "round and flat, like lozenges. He gripped his stiffly curled toes and pulled them back until the calluses stood in high relief, then...

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