Mindful Co-Parenting: A Child-Friendly Path Through Divorce.

Author:Jenkins, Joryn
Position:Book review

Mindful Co-Parenting: A Child-Friendly Path through Divorce

By Dr. Jeremy S. Gaies and Dr. James B. Morris, Jr.

Parents suffering the angst of divorce, no matter which divorce process they choose, are distraught when they first arrive at an attorney's office. They are angry, lost, and frightened; their lives have spun out of their control. Helping divorcing spouses focus on the priorities of their families during this time of distress is essential, and no more so than when it comes to attending to their children's everyday needs and dealing with their co-parent on a normalized basis for their children's sakes. Fortunately, a new book has just been released that speaks directly to those parents, offering exactly the gentle but direct guidance they crave.

Tampa Bay psychologists Dr. Jeremy S. Gaies and Dr. James B. Morris, Jr., provide a "compact, step-by-step guide for parents who are considering or pursuing divorce." Rather than a voluminous reference manual, this book is perfect for a weekend read. Curl up with it on the sofa and, by the end of your perusal, you will have a clear understanding of the value of focusing on the children throughout the divorce process--from the decision whether to engage in a trial separation to how to tell your children, from choosing a positive approach to the dissolution process to drafting a child-oriented parenting plan.

The style of writing is engaging, the approach is supportive and instructive, and the authors offer multiple practical ideas for how parents can manage the...

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