Mind Tools Career Excellence Club.

Author:Lucker, Mark

Mind Tools Career Excellence Club, Online Training, 2007, MindTools, $19-$27.

Got career development? MindTools does--in abundance.

A disclaimer: the opportunity to review this site was very intriguing as I had previous experience with it. I was already familiar with the MindTool free site and had been subscribing to their monthly e-newsletter, which I had enjoyed and gotten a lot of good info out of. I knew that that the site creators had begun a paid service last fall known as the Career Excellence Club but hadn't considered signing up for it.

I quickly learned that this show is definitely worth the price of admission, which I must admit surprised me. With the wide array of free material available on the Internet, I am usually pretty leery of whipping out my credit card for online organizations or clubs that give partial information to entice you, and then, when you click to continue reading an article or use a feature, you have to get out your credit card and pay for the rest of the material.

In most cases, clients of mine and I have found these sites offer little if any added value to the free content. This is definitely not the case here. MindTools gets it right on all counts.

Their free newsletter has always given me good, solid career development advice and resources. Their Career Excellence Club takes everything to the next level. I believe this site has ample resources to enhance your career, regardless of your field. It's a unique site and setup because they do their best to make you actually feel a part of a helpful online community, and the tools to improve your mind and career are plentiful and on target.

At $19 a month for the standard membership and $27 monthly for the premium level, I think it's a good value. If you are serious about personal development and taking charge of your career, you're going to be spending that kind of money in one trip to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. MindTools can give you what you're looking for right here and now.

What impresses me most about the site is the range of material offered. If you are a younger member of the workforce and looking for newcomer insight, they have that; if you are a mid-career professional or an experienced old pro, this site is also an excellent development tool--with the advantage of objectivity that comes with not being affiliated with a particular company.


I say this from firsthand experience. Over the past few years, many companies have begun...

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