A Million Tiny Things.

Author:Leeper, Angela
Position:Book review

Kenna Lee (author); A MILLION TINY THINGS; Mole's Hill Press (Nonfiction: Autobiography & Memoir) 15.00 ISBN: 9780985021504

Byline: Angela Leeper

"Green way before it became the new black," author, hospice nurse, and mother Kenna Lee always felt she was one step ahead of recycling, reducing, and reusing until the birth of her third child. Suddenly plagued with guilt for overpopulation, overconsumption, and overheating the earth, especially when forced to give up her "veggie oil conversion" car for a minivan to fit all the car seats, Lee begins to question all the choices she makes in the name of saving the planet and making the world a nurturing place for her children. The result is a series of entertaining, episodic essays that span the first three years of child number three.

With self-deprecating humor, Lee acknowledges the ridiculousness of driving her fossil-fuel guzzling car to the organic grocery store or blending strawberries instead of red dye into her daughter's requested pink birthday cake. She also recognizes her obsessive, maternal eco-anxiety over such choices as light bulbs (do more efficient compact fluorescents actually create "electrical pollution?"), cookies with artificial margarine instead of butter (should a family-friendly establishment be avoided because of a little hydrogenated fat?), and plastic-free gifts for her children (would a letter to close friends and family be tacky?).

As Lee tries to reconcile her idealistic need for global change with realistic time...

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