Mikaelsen, Ben. Tree girl, a novel.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

MIKAELSEN, Ben. Tree girl, a novel. Harper-Tempest. 229p. c2004. 0-06-009006-5. $6.99. JS

To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, March 2004: Mikaelsen writes of events during the bitter civil war in Guatemala in the 1980s, based on a story told to him by a survivor of this war. The narrator, Gabriela, is living in a small Mayan village, attending school nearby, enfolded in a loving family, when disaster strikes. Government soldiers, little more than ragtag thugs, are convinced that the small villages in Gabriela's district are harboring rebels--communists. They murder the schoolteacher and gun down families; in the horror Gabriela escapes by hiding high up in trees. As she makes her way north to a refugee camp, she witnesses further atrocities, again hiding in a tree. At the camp, Gabriela meets a teacher named Mario and together they organize activities for the children in the camp and start a school, but eventually she and Mario face difficult decisions about the future. Mario decides to join the guerillas and...

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