Microsoft conference to provide consulting help.

Position:Accounting firms developing consulting practices - Brief Article

Staff members who are their firms' experts on technology and consulting are not invited to Microsoft's June conference, but the nonexperts are. The Partners' Conference, presented in cooperation with the American Institute of CPAs, is designed to help senior partners figure out the whys and hows of adding consulting niches to their firms--in technology or other areas. There will be no talk of specific products--Microsoft's or anyone else's--and only one session devoted to technology. "We're directing the conference at sole practitioners and partners--especially managing partners--of small and mid-size firms below the Big 6 level," Matt Davis, Microsoft's marketing manager for the accounting profession, told the Journal. "We want to offer them the tools and strategies to begin the consuiting process. The conference will help partners answer the question, 'Why should my firm invest human and capital resources in developing a consulting practice?'"

The conference will give "the captains of firms a chance to listen to captains of industry," said Davis. Speakers will include Donald...

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