Bring federal money into Michigan: congressman Gary Peters shares his plans for 2009.

Author:Baum, Jennifer

A fifth-generation Oakland County native, Congressman Gary Peters defeated incumbent Joe Knollenberg in the race for Michigan's 9th District during the November 2008 general election. Throughout his positions in government and business, Peters has worked to generate funding and cut wasteful spending. Peters has served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve; spent 20 years as a leader in the business community as a vice president at both Merrill Lynch and UBS/Paine Webber; and was elected twice to serve in the Michigan Senate.

What are your top priorities going into 2009?

Our first priority has to be to get the economy in Michigan moving. We need to get our auto industry healthy and vibrant. We'll see continuing action in this area, and I'll be in a position to make sure there's a strong ally in Washington.

A major issue we'll be dealing with is the oversight of Wall Street. Especially in the last few months, we have seen a lack of regulation. Hedge funds and financial derivative structures are just two examples of areas that have not been regulated. There needs to be a regulatory system in place to find a balance, and we need to protect tax payers and investors. We can't be overly burdensome--it's important that the pendulum doesn't swing too far to the other side.

What else will you be working on?

We'll be working to bring federal money into Michigan, making sure the state gets its fair share. We need to make substantial infrastructure investments. Infrastructure isn't limited to highways and roads and bridges; it includes...

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