Miami Beach Market Habla Espanol, Parle Francais, Parla Italiano, and Spricht Deutsch.

Position:NATPE Review

NATPE officials don't typically release attendance figures, but the number this year is said to be about 5,000, mostly due to the "qualitative" level of attendees, said NATPE president JP Bommel.

Among the event's highlights, according to Bommel, were Facebook announcing three original series, and the Station Group Summit --a meeting of local U.S. TV stations--which, he said "is now a good source of local content to distribute internationally."

Plus, there was the confirmation that NATPE plans to stay put. "Yes, we're staying in Miami Beach," said Bommel at the start of his wrapup press conference on January 18, which was held at the end of the three-day TV market and conference, publicly quelling the rumor that the annual trade show was moving to New Orleans.

Bommel also touched on NATPE Budapest --set to take place June 25 to 28--explaining that the event, "is going to be not only for CEE countries, but also for E [Western Europe] and A [African] territories."

At the same market-closing press conference, NATPE chairman Andy Kaplan, who was then also Sony Pictures Television's president of Worldwide Networks, commented on how impressed he was by "JP talking in French to Jane Fonda." Fonda was among the five recipients of the Tartikoff Legacy Award, which were given out on the market's second day at the Fontainebleau Hotel, the event's headquarters.

Kaplan also stressed that Miami Beach is an ideal venue; that the programs on sale were great; and that deals got done at this year's NATPE.

Speaking of done deals, Inter Medya's Beatriz Cea Esteruelas reported that for her Turkish company, several sales initiated at MIP Cancun were finalized at NATPE.

Similarly, Delmar Andrade of Brazil's Record TV, "leveraged deals with LATAM countries, channels in Europe, and also in Eastern Europe and Africa," and added: "Two of our major productions are being aired on U.S. FTV channels and have conquered the first and second ratings ranking several times, winning over American and other Latin productions. One of our series is being aired on Univision and is the first non-Spanish soap opera dubbed for the network."

As for comparison with last year's NATPE, Andrade "did not sense any differences between the two editions. But," he warned, "our expectations for NATPE 2019 is that the market expands and improves by bringing in territories that still do not participate, like, for example, countries in the Caribbean. A territory that is so close to Miami should be present at...

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