Meyer, Kai. The water mirror.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

MEYER, Kai. The water mirror. (Dark Reflections, Book 1.) Tr. by Elizabeth D. Crawford. Simon & Schuster, McElderry. 256p. c2001, 2005. 0-689-87787-0. $15.95. J

In Venice, Italy, two young orphans are apprenticed to a maker of magical mirrors: blind Junipa, age 13, for whom the mirror maker creates eyes of crystal mirror shards; and our heroine, bright, curious Merle, age 14. Venice is in danger of being captured by the powerful Egyptian Empire and only the mysterious Flowing Queen has managed to keep the city safe so far. Merle and another apprentice, a former master thief, overhear a nefarious plan by some city council members to surrender to the Egyptians, and set out to foil it. Merle ends up with the essence of the Flowing Queen residing inside her, rescues a flying stone lion, and heads off to find allies to help Venice in this first volume of a fantasy adventure...

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