Meta‐Regulation in Practice: Beyond Normative Views of Morality and Rationality. By F.C. Simon. London: Routledge, 2017.

Published date01 March 2018
Date01 March 2018
structures of these legal genres moderate and are transformed
under their influence. Yet, considering the book’s focus on social
change and identity, more substantive engagement with existing
scholarship is needed to address the broader relationships between
social and legal change (Levitsky 2015; McCann 2006), law and
identity (Danielsen and Engle 1995), as well as the legal regulation
of sexual identity categories (Stychin 2003). These bodies of litera-
ture might have strengthened Tracey’s analysis in two ways: first, by
enriching her insights with more theoretical depth, and second, by
allowing her to show more explicitly how her findings might
extend, support, or challenge existing work in this field, and in
doing so better highlight the originality and utility of her claims.
Overall, Discourse, Identity, and Social Change in the Marriage
Equality Debates is a work of high quality and broad appeal. Tracey
offers an analysis of impressive depth and clarity, and in doing so,
makes a strong case for the utility and empirical power of discourse
analysis as a method, proving its ability to give us a comprehensive
way to understand legal phenomena. Her work will be of interest to
scholars working in fields as diverse as discourse and language stud-
ies, gender and sexuality studies, law and jurisprudence, sociology,
and sociolegal studies.
Danielsen, Dan & Karen Engle, eds (1995) After Identity: A Reader in Law and Culture.
New York:Routledge.
Levitsky, Sandra R (2015) “Law and Social Movements: Old Debates and New
Directions,” in Sarat, A. & Ewick, P., eds., The Handbook of Law and Society. Malden:
Wiley-Blackwell. 382–98.
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Law Reform. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
Meta-Regulation in Practice: Beyond Normative Views of Morality and
Rationality. By F.C. Simon. London: Routledge, 2017.
Reviewed by Sangeetha Chandrashekeran, School of Geography, The
University of Melbourne
Meta-Regulation in Practice is an ambitious reflection on the chal-
lenges of Australian retail market regulation under dynamic and
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