Metaphor Solutions announces speech application development tools.

Position:SPEECH-WORLD[TM] - Brief Article

Metaphor Solutions, a player in the speech IVR (interactive voice response) arena, recently announced the first release of its Metaphor Conversation Manager (MCM). Metaphor Conversation Manager is an integrated development environment for developing automated speech applications that interact with callers, back-end data sources and Web services and with live service agents. MCM was designed to be easy to use and aid in speeding development. It works with any VXML gateway and the Microsoft Speech Server. It's an editor, linker, debugger and run-time interpreter that dynamically generates open-standard scripts in Voice XML and SALT from a high-level design-scripting language called Metaphor Script. It also includes Web-based end-user customization, as well as administration, logging and reporting tools. MCM aims to be five to ten times faster than developing speech applications in straight Voice XML or SALT, and three...

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