Message to young lawyers.

Author:Aronovitz, Tod
Position::Practicing law isn't just about making money - President's Page

How fitting it is that I am writing this message on the day that bar exam results came out. I received e-mails expressing excitement, enthusiasm, and relief from two recent law grads after getting the "good news." I have known these young lions since they were in grade school. They were bursting with pride and enthusiasm. You see, I am devoting this President's Page to our young lawyers--the lawyers to be, the recent grads, and the young professionals of less than 10 years' experience.

As Bar president, I have the opportunity to travel the state speaking to young lawyers one on one, to small groups, and to large audiences. One of my greatest responsibilities as president is to offer guidance to the young of our valued profession. My speeches to law students, graduation ceremonies, and new inductee ceremonies are carefully crafted to focus on the history of our profession, guidance for emerging careers, and a strong dose of encouragement.

My advice to young lawyers today is offered from the perspective of a 28-year veteran trial lawyer who recognizes that you will be molded by your life's experiences as well as the hard knocks that you will encounter as your careers unfold. Words from the past are informative. In 1959, Florida Supreme Court Justice Campbell Thornal commented at the Supreme Court induction ceremony for new admittees:

If you have the notion that from the moment you leave this building your pathway will be paved with gold; if to you the practice of law is simply a process of money-gathering, then I suggest that you quietly take your leave and devote your energies to some other pursuit more nearly consistent with your requirements.

For those engulfed in a current job search, in the post-World War II era our state universities offered special "catch up" courses for veterans and the GI Bill was a great boost to funding education. In 1946, Associate Supreme Court Justice Armstead Brown addressed recent law grads on "Some Unfinished Business":

In this thrilling period of the history of the world and of our own country, there are many subjects which we might talk about and think about today, but we, as lawyers and judges here in Florida, must not be diverted from our duties here at home for the advancement and improvement of our profession and of the statutes and rules governing the practice and procedure in our courts of justice. In this we can count upon those splendid young lawyers who have gloriously served our country during this second and...

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