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Author:Briones, Mariana Gutierrez


Cisco's Nina Lualdi states in her interview, "Technology today is much more about the human experience. Almost everything we know and do in the larger world is technology-driven in some way." In an industry that now permeates every aspect of our daily interactions, where the race for constant innovation opens up new realities by the day ... how do we keep grounded?

From AI, to virtual reality, to the capacity to reach millions with a tweet, the world is changing at a pace that supersedes our wildest dreams. And behind every one of these technologies are individuals whose ingenuity and enterprising spirit have profoundly changed our lives. Leaders who have broken rules, beaten odds, and opened paths for others to follow. But the main lesson to learn from these innovators is not about mathematical equations or coding, but about human connections, our responsibility to look out for the younger generations, to open doors for those who look up to us and to inspire others by putting forth our best work-every day.

Our cover story is a wonderful example of when imagination and talent collide. NASA's virtual reality pioneer Evelyn Miralles, one of the world's leading authorities in the subject shares powerful insights and creative ideas about how this technology is starting to radically transform our world; opening a glimpse to girls of what is possible for Latinas though a career in Tech. Even though there is still much work to be done, women are making great strides, as exemplified by leaders like Rosa Ramos-Kwok, named one of the most powerful female engineers this year by Business Insider.

For Microsoft's Javier Soltero one of the most exiting innovations in AI is the...

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