Merlan C. Cooper's King Kong.

Author:Klein, Miles
Position::Audiobook review

MERLAN C. COOPER'S KING KONG. Joe DeVito & Brad Strickland. 2005. Read by David Baker & Full Cast Family. 6 cds. 6.75 hrs. Full Cast Audio. 1-933322-49-Z $37.00. Vinyl; plot, authors' notes. JSA

KING KONG. Edgar Wallace & Merian C. Cooper. Novelization by Delos W. Lovelace. 1932/2005. Read by Stefan Rudnicki. 5 cds. 5.5 hrs. Blackstone Audiobooks. 0-7861-7536-2. $45.00. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. SA

The well-known story is more than 70 years old, but Kong, the King of Skull Island, is bigger than ever. Armed with the scantest of knowledge about his destination, filmmaker Carl Denham sails toward Skull Island with his cast and crew, determined to make the greatest motion picture of all times. Everyone knows what follows: Kong's capture, the sea voyage to New York City, and his being displayed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." Kong escapes, recaptures his beloved Ann Darrow, and ascends the Empire State Building to make his final stand.

Rudnicki valiantly takes on the stiff, archaic (dare I say cornball?) rhetoric of the original story. His rich baritone voice helps capture the atmosphere of the '30s, but listeners may find the period colloquialisms and idioms a bit of an eyeball roller-upper. The last CD is comprised of critique...

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