Merkle has launched Rapid Audience Layer (RAL), a public cloud-based marketing data management solution. As an entry-level data management offering, RAL enables the fast integration of multiple data sources to deliver rich audience insights.

RAL offers a centralized way to store multiple data feeds, including CRM, digital, and third-party data. Leveraging the latest scalable cloud technologies and shared support teams, RAL is a quick-to-implement solution that provides marketers with the benefits of a preliminary data management environment through a user-friendly platform. Powered by Merkle's Connected Recognition technology, the RAL solution offers standard data hygiene and identity resolution, allowing marketers to recognize the same individual across several data sources.

Since transitioning to the RAL solution, Merkle clients have seen a 50 percent reduction in time spent on data management and manipulation, with additional results showing 25 percent quicker onboarding and a 32 percent decrease of duplicative customer and prospect records after customer data integration (CDI) processing. RAL quickly drives insights in four key ways:

Ingest Automatically imports data into tables (digital, CRM, third-party, and ad hoc data) for immediate storage by prioritizing, validating, and staging it.

Identify Cleanses, matches, and stitches identities to each customer, creating a consolidated graph of customers, prospects, and households.

Load Extracts data from the staging area and transforms it into the destination's supported format.

Analyze Enables the querying of data and tackles analytic workloads to build insights and data visualization. Easily integrates with business intelligence (BI) and data science tools.

Most marketers agree that data management is challenging and not an area they want to focus the majority of their time on, said Ankur Jain, senior vice president, strategy lead, cloud platforms at Merkle. RAL...

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