Merit Systems Protection Board



1615 M Street NW., Fifth Floor, Washington, DC 20419

Phone, 202-653-7200. Internet,

Chairman Neil A.G. McPhie

Vice Chair (vacancy)

Member Barbara J. Sapin

Chief of Staff Tracey Watkins

Clerk of the Board Bentley M. Roberts, Jr.

Director, Financial and Administrative Charlie Roche


Director, Information Resources Management Tommy Hwang

Director, Office of Appeals Counsel Lynore Carnes

Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Janice E. Pirkle

Director, Office of Policy and Evaluation Steve Nelson

Director, Office of Regional Operations Deborah Miron

General Counsel Martha Schneider


The Merit Systems Protection Board protects the integrity of the Federal personnel merit systems and the rights of Federal employees. In overseeing the personnel practices of the Federal Government, the Board conducts special studies of the merit systems, hears and decides charges of wrongdoing and employee appeals of adverse agency actions, and orders corrective and disciplinary actions when appropriate.


The Merit Systems Protection Board is a successor agency to the United States Civil Service Commission, established by act of January 16, 1883

(22 Stat. 403). Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1978 (5 U.S.C. app.) redesignated part of the Commission as the Merit Systems Protection Board.


The Board has responsibility for hearing and adjudicating appeals by Federal employees of adverse personnel actions, such as removals, suspensions, and demotions. It also resolves cases involving reemployment rights, the denial of periodic step increases in pay, actions against administrative law judges, and charges of prohibited personnel practices, including charges in connection with whistleblowing. The Board has the authority to enforce its decisions and to order corrective and disciplinary actions. An employee or applicant for employment involved in an appealable action that also involves an allegation of discrimination may ask the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to review a Board decision. Final decisions and orders of the Board can be appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

The Board reviews regulations issued by the Office of Personnel Management and has the authority to require agencies to cease compliance with any regulation that could constitute a prohibited personnel practice. It also...

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