Meridian Knowledge Solutions has unveiled Meridian LMS Spring 2019. In this release, Meridian has focused on improving learner and administrator quality of life, with learner experience updates, enhanced options for content recommendation, design upgrades, content promotion functions, and data and analytics additions.

"We have seen a great deal of growth and change in the learning marketplace," said Paul Terry, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer of Meridian. "Our product innovations reflect Meridian's commitment to moving the learning management market forward by consistently delivering innovative features and functionality that have a positive impact on the business and operational needs of clients in the commercial and public sector markets."

Meridian LMS Spring 2019 release highlights include:

Machine Learning and Recommendations: using machine learning, Meridian LMS provides content recommendations based on multiple factors, including content chosen by other learners with similar profiles. Users can easily mark content items of interest to take in the future.

Custom Blocks: administrators can easily create custom panels to display on user homepages, to feature key information, images, or video, increasing engagement and promoting new offerings.

Curriculum Design: curriculum pages have been redesigned for an improved user experience. With new "playlist" functionality, users can move through the pieces of a curriculum seamlessly, navigating to each item from the one before and returning to previous items in a single step.

Training Assignments: new one-stop training assignment dashboard gives admins vital training assignment data at their fingertips to easily see progress and track potential issues as they arise. New options have...

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