Menomonee Indian Reservation suspect convicted after beating death.

AuthorDuran, Ethan
PositionDuane Waupoose Jr.

Byline: Bridgetower Media Newswires

By Ethan Duran

On Wednesday, a Federal jury in Green Bay convicted Duane Waupoose Jr. of voluntary manslaughter after a man died after being struck with a shotgun in 2021, the Eastern District of Wisconsin announced.

Waupoose Jr., 28, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, assault with a dangerous weapon and using a firearm during a crime of violence, which is in violation of federal law, district officials said. He was arrested after a man died after an armed assault on the Menominee Indian Reservation. Both Waupoose Jr. and the victim were enrolled members of the Menomonee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin and lived on the reservation before.

The penalties for Waupoose Jr.'s charges are at least five years of prison and a maximum of life in prison, district officials said. Senior United States District Judge William Griesbach will sentence him on June 2.

Waupoose Jr. and others were approached by a group looking to fight someone around midnight on Jan. 31, 2021, trial evidence showed. The 28 year old was injured after a shotgun went off during a fight in the driveway of a home in the school view area of the reservation. He disarmed the man who shot him and chased him into the street, striking him with the...

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