Memory: Simple, Easy, and Fun Ways to Improve Memory.

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Memory: Simple, Easy, and Fun Ways to Improve Memory

John Parker

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As we age we struggle to remember the simplest of things blaming age, genetics or our inability to memorize. In this excellent book we learn that the first step to know is anyone can improve their memory. The author says it best "If you want to improve memory, therefore, you have to change your internally held beliefs about your ability to remember". In this concise yet detailed guidebook we are shown there are techniques and tips to improve our memory with the greatest of which is to use humor when using the techniques. Such as silly little sentences that make it easier to remember information for example "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nuts" which helps us remember the solar system as the first letter of each word is for a planet. Some of the techniques included are repetition, attention, affirmations, associations, clusters, senses and note taking. Also included are the importances of good eating habits, avoiding stress and memory supplements. Each technique and information is written in easy to understand format not like the usual textbook form making it easy to understand and apply. The author uses excellent examples so the reader can fully comprehend the application of the technique which only adds to the reading experience. Also great to note are the quotations before each chapter that leads the reader into the next suggested technique or thought.

This is an excellent resource book for seniors, students, housewives, the career-oriented or anyone who wishes to improve their memory or retention of information. All that and more is wrapped up in this not to be missed little gem. So remember again the author says it best "Work at it, yes, but don't...

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