Memorials, 0320 ALBJ, 81 The Alabama Lawyer 150 (2020)

AuthorRobert L. Williams, Jr.
PositionVol. 81 2 Pg. 150


No. Vol. 81 No. 2 Pg. 150

Alabama Bar Lawyer

March, 2020

Robert L. Williams, Jr.

Robert L. Williams, Jr.

Shelby County Public Defender Bob Williams passed away in the early morning hours of November 28, 2019 (Thanksgiving Day) at the age of 69, after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Bob spent nearly his entire career forming and developing the Shelby County Public Defender's Office. He shepherded the office from its humble beginnings to the office that it is today. His wife, Trudie Williams, recently described the office as Bob's home and the staff who worked there as his family. From 1991 to 2019, at the time of his death, he worked tirelessly for those less fortunate. Bob did not just assign cases. He rolled up his sleeves and worked with those persons assigned to the office. He treated the office as his calling and toiled to bring fairness to the system and to his clients.

He loved the Tennessee mountains and visited Cades Cove, Gatlinburg, and the surrounding areas as often as work let him. He was an outspoken fan of the Auburn Tigers. He loved the Shelby County people and spent his life in service to them, through his work, his church, his fellowship, and his example.

Bob cared deeply about his family...

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