Memorials, 0221 WYBJ, Vol. 43 No. 1. 64

PositionVol. 43 1 Pg. 64


Vol. 43 No. 1 Pg. 64

Wyoming Bar Journal

February, 2021

Nicholas H. Carter

It is just Nick Carter’s style to pass on December 17, the beginning of the ancient Roman festival “Saturnalia.” Saturnalia was derived from even older agricultural related celebrations welcoming the winter solstice, which marks the shortest day of the year. For Nick, the winter solstice was a time of celebration indeed, because it meant that the days would now get longer, warmer, and brighter.

This year was an especially tough year. We continue to deal with a pandemic that has affected every nation on earth. In our own country, political differences and conflicting world views have brought us all to a breaking point. We’ve watched a great friend battle cancer. We’ve felt helpless, hopeless, and heartbroken. Yet tomorrow, the sun will rise. It will stay in our sky for just a bit longer than it did today. The next day, it will rise again, and stay around for even longer.

Nick started The Nick Carter Law Firm in 1991, out of a backpack. Hundreds of Jury Trials later, both criminal and civil, Nick established a state wide reputation as zealous advocate. Nick was known to shine his shoes and go put a case on. For a lawyer, Nick was insufferably optimistic. He never got too worked up about anything. Instead, he was hopeful, believing that things would work out, (or that they wouldn’t, but we would be able to deal with that too).

Nick was known for living his life to the fullest and experiencing every aspect he could, including running for the Wyoming State Senate in 2008 and becoming an assistant Coach for the Gillette Men’s Pronghorn basketball team in 2015. Nick took special pride in mentoring young men in the basketball program.

Nick built his firm on the notion that wherever you go, you do it with alacrity and purpose. Many times teasing the staff to “work with more alacrity.” Nick was a great advocate and a good friend. Nick instilled several life lessons on those he surrounded, all of his nieces and nephews, friends and staff shared similar stories of life lessons.

The Nick Carter Law Firm will carry on Nick’s zealous advocacy through Derek Trall, Ron Wirthwein, Jamie Kay, Sandy Kramer, Tony Schamber & Marvea Barlow.

Nick is the proud father of Amanda DeMoss, son-in-law Jimmy, and an even prouder grandfather to Jonathan and Evelyn, who reside in Portland, Oregon. Family members who will greatly miss their brother include sisters in Gillette: Louise (Steve) Carter-King and daughter Casey Sams, and son Alex Carter King; Samantha (Kendall) Glover and their daughter Elizabeth; and Claire Carter and her son Jack.; in Cheyenne, Ann Carter (Bob) Rose and her son Benjamin (who Nick was especially proud to assign legal research) and daughter Abby; and Mary (Peter) Cooper and her son Tanner in Highlands Ranch, CO. His brothers in Texas are Mike, (Martha) and son William in Ft. Davis, and Pat (Karen) with daughters Sarah, Rachel and Jessica in Marble Falls.

Nick loved his friend and companion of 25 years, Carol Seeger, with whom he traveled...

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