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Keeping NDIA growing by recruiting, retaining, and engaging members is the purpose of the NDIA Membership & Chapters Department. The goals and mission of each chapter is to provide a way for defense professionals and companies to connect for success on local level.

Extending the reach of NDIA across the nation is the chapter structure which provides a geographic focus for the NDIA vision and mission. Members benefit from local educational programs, events, and networking opportunities. Upon joining the association, a member is assigned to a chapter by zip code according to corporate or home address.

Many chapters are located near major military commands, research centers, and defense agencies. Members can network with fellow industry professionals and engage with government officials in a legal, ethical forum.

Learn more about NDIA chapters closest to you by reviewing the map and chapter links at www.ndia.orgichapter.

Chapter members often give back to their profession and community through scholarship programs and charitable endeavors. Volunteer boards of directors govern chapters. The Model Chapter Program encourages leaders to strive for excellence in their service to members. Chapters enhance recruitment and retention efforts of the greater organization.

For companies and other organizations, NDIA provides a source for networking, knowledge, and business intelligence through events, working divisions, and local chapters. Corporate membership provides access to 36 divisions that address issues through conference development, studies, and more. NDIA promotes a vigorous and ethical forum for information exchange between the government and the defense industry in this way.

The Corporate Members Washing- tonOffices Directory is a product of the Membership Department.

Details about membership benefits are available at

Please feel free to contact the following Membership Team:

Tom Owens, Colonel, USAF (Ret.) Vice President of Membership & Chapters Tel: (703) 247-2562 Email:

Colonel Owens brings 28 years of Air Force experience in a variety of flying, command and staff positions to NDIA. Additionally he had ten years with Washington Operations of The Boeing Company as Director of Air Force Programs, and 6 years as a "defense" consultant. He is responsible for all new member recruiting, renewals as well as Chapter leader and mentor.

Jane Patrick Casey, CAE Director, Membership, and Staff Director, Women In Defense Tel: (703) 247-2564 Email:

Jane Casey is responsible for NDLA membership recruitment, retention, and engagement. She brings more than 30 years of broad association experience, especially in membership management and marketing and chapter relations. She also serves as staff director for NDIA affiliate Women In Defense.

Zoila Martinez Associate Director, Membership Tel: (703) 247-2565 Email:

Zoila Martinez is responsible for Corporate and Individual membership fulfillment for NDIA, AFEI and PSA. She has over 28 years of experience, knowledge, and great interpersonal attributes for dealing with members.

Michael Kibler Director, Corporate Member Sales Tel: (703) 247-2571 Email:

IMMr Mike is responsible for recruiting NDIA members, including representing NDIA at defense industry trade shows. He also works with the membership staff in retaining members and developing member services. Mike has over 35 years of association membership experience.

Erica Utegaard Associate Director, Membership Sales and Marketing Tel: (703) 247-2549 Email:

Erica engages and recruits corporate, individual, and government members through industry events, email outreach, and a dynamic social media marketing platform. She is also responsible for membership retention and managing exhibition logistics, including sponsorships, to numerous events annually.

Molly Flanagan Director, Chapter Relations Tel: (703) 247-2563 Email:

Molly provides support and guidance to the NDIA chapters in the areas of development and management. She engages with chapters' leadership to emphasize membership recruitment and retention, event planning and promotions, financial requirements, and overall membership customer service support.

Local Networking Opportunities

The NDIA chapters serve as a strong venue providing members the opportunity to network and expand their businesses and professional contacts with key government and industry representatives. This community interaction is accomplished through a wide variety of events (discussion panel forums, award dinners, breakfast seminars, etc.) with key note speakers, and mentoring of local educational programs, organizations and educational institutions (USO, Wounded Warrior, The Fisher House, etc.).


Chartered 16 August 1944 Website:

President B. Daniel DeMarinis, MITRE Corporation

Chairman of the Board & Past President

George A. Perise, LogSec

Vice President

Randy R Rippin, RTR Technologies, LLC


John Sobczyk, DoD (Ret.)


Richard A. Bucci, DoD (Ret.)


Chartered 4 April 1983 Website:

President Robert Olson, General Dynamics C4 Systems

Immediate Past President

Bruce E. Burda, BG, USAF (Ret.)

Vice President

Tom Short, Armorworks Enterprises, LLC


Linda Daly, A2Z Metalworker Matazines


Kirk Kennedy, ATK...

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