1. The New Jersey City Group enjoyed great conversation, food and networking at its holiday party held in December. (Back row, from left to right: Timothy Corcoran, Mitchell Rait, Todd Robinson, Brian Wardell, Lisa McDonald, Thomas Lombardi, Eileen Monesson, Mary Che, Mark Guglielmelli, Janet Morgan, James Borghoff, Frank Koepfler, Richelle Delavan, Alan Levine. Middle row: Margaret Van Dagens, Amy Adams, Diana Parker, Susan Jacobs, Jennifer Sheeler, Linda Manahan, Joan McGeough. Front row: Lindsay Griffiths, Jaimie Field, Jean Sullivan, Satik Zekian Frawley, Tuyet Dorr, Cindy Fishman, Nicole Gagliano, Jim Weber, Wendy Ferber, Vivian DiStaso).

  2. Heather McCullough (pictured left) and Allison Barry converse at the Charlotte City Group's end-of-year social at Enso

  3. Adriane Burton (pictured left) receives the iPad Mini as part...

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