Member Spotlight, 0321 COBJ, Vol. 50, No. 3 Pg. 96

PositionVol. 50, 3 [Page 96]

50 Colo.Law. 96


Vol. 50, No. 3 [Page 96]

Colorado Lawyer

March, 2021

Robin Rossenfield

Robin Rossenfeld owns a mediation and arbitration practice in Denver. She is a section representative for the CBA Board of Governors Executive Council, as well as a member of the ADR, Family Law, Labor and Employment, and Solo and Small Firm Sections.


Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Law School: University of Miami School of Law

Lives in: Denver

Works at: R3 Meditation, LLC

Practice Areas: Alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, facilitation, and meditation), specializing in employment, family, business, and torts matters

CBA Member Since: 1999

Why did you become a lawyer?

To make a difference.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

From my mother: You can do anything with a law degree (and, if you look at my career, you will see I've definitely done a lot of things with my JD).

What's the worst advice you've ever been given?

From the "boy, have times changed" file: When I was finishing law school and a two-year internship with the Dade County State Attorney's Office, a female judge said to me, "Why do you want to be a litigator? Litigation is no job for a woman." (I never followed that advice and spent many years enjoying litigation!)

What is your favorite memory from law school?

My law school plays. The first was a student-written parody of the law school experience. The second was The Murder of the Reasonable Man or The Top Twenty Percent Solution. You get the idea. For that production, I was not only a cast member, but also the producer, lyricist, choreographer, and rehearsal pianist.

Who is your favorite writer and why?

Jane Austen is one of them. I reread her books every few years and I always get something new from them. I even cried when I visited her grave in Winchester Cathedral. Another author I love is Robertson Davies. His use of language just blows my mind, and his stories are so much fun. I heard him give a lecture about a year before he thed, and his process was fascinating.

What is your favorite place you've traveled to?

I love Great Britain. I went to university there my junior year and traveled...

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