Member Spotlight, 0319 COBJ, Vol. 48, No. 3 Pg. 104

Position:Vol. 48, 3 [Page 104]

48 Colo.Law. 104


Vol. 48, No. 3 [Page 104]

Colorado Lawyer

March, 2019

Jennifer Seidman

Jennifer Seidman is Colorado Lawyer's newest board member and serves as coordinating editor for the magazine's Tort and Insurance Law features.

What inspired your enthusiasm for Colorado Lawyer?

The great mix of relevant content, ranging from interesting articles, to entertaining columns, to updates about various developments and individuals.

What is one of the most positive experiences you've had as a lawyer?

Watching a client's face the moment a favorable verdict is announced and knowing that I helped make a positive difference in his or her life.

What do you like the most about your practice area?

Working with a really talented group of people to try to help others.

What is your favorite place to escape to in Colorado?

Anywhere in the mountains near a lake or a hot spring.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rude people.

What's your favorite place you've traveled to?


What is your favorite month, and why?

August. The weather is usually amazing, the sunsets are beautiful, and the...

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