Member Spotlight, 0121 COBJ, Vol. 50, No. 1 Pg. 104

PositionVol. 50, 1 [Page 104]

50 Colo.Law. 104


Vol. 50, No. 1 [Page 104]

Colorado Lawyer

January, 2021

Damian J. Arguello

Damian is the founder and principal attorney at Colorado Insurance Law Center, a private law firm helping businesses, insurance brokers, and other lawyers with insurance matters. He's a new member of the Colorado Lawyer board.

What inspired your enthusiasm for Colorado Lawyers

Colorado Lawyer provides an invaluable way for lawyers to stay informed and stay connected. I learn so much every time I read it. I wanted to be part of that and to help it be more inclusive.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Are you going to be killed and eaten today? No? Then you're gonna be ok Second best: shut up and listen!

What's your biggest pet peeve?

I can't stand closed-minded people. The world, indeed the universe, is constantly changing. Not adapting one's thinking is, in my opinion, the stupidest thing one can do.

What do you like best about your practice area?

Insurance is confusing and insurers can be maddeningly unfair. I love helping my clients obtain the benefits they were promised to protect their livelihoods. There's also that "David beating Goliath" kind of satisfaction.

What organizations are you involved in?

I'm on the board of the Denver Urban Debate League, which fosters academic skills and resiliency for students of color and low-income students through debate. DUDL has a strong record of great educational outcomes for participating students.

Favorite Denver restaurant:

D'Corazon, on Blake between 15th and 16th streets. Authentic, fast, and inexpensive Mexican food. I love how the owner, Eddie Aguirre, takes care of his employees, closing the restaurant around holidays to facilitate family time.

Please share a positive experience you've had as a lawyer.

Telling a room full of insurance executives that me suing their companies made them better. I analogized myself with the title character in The Last Samurai, a samurai leading a rebellion against the Emperor. He saw his rebellion as serving the Emperor because he sought to preserve Japan's identity against Western...

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