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Position:Jim Kilkenny - Brief article - Interview

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Jim Kilkenny, trustee


Teamsters Local 641 Health and Welfare Fund and Pension Fund, since 2013

By Day

Vice president and business agent, Teamsters Local 641 in Union, New Jersey

Biggest Challenge as a Trustee

"Taking off my business agent hat and putting on a trustee hat. It's a totally different position. In one role, I provide protection to the members as individuals and, in the other, I provide protection for the members as a whole."

Biggest Reward as a Trustee

"Seeing that the changes we have made have been successful. In the last five years, our health fund has gone from being mediocre to being very financially sound. We've been able to increase benefits for our members."

Most Important Lesson Learned

"Listen to your paid professionals. At our local, we've been fortunate that we had pretty good guidance when we were unsure of where to go."

Favorite Foundation Educational Program

"The Trustees Masters Program was by far the best for me. It...

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