Member Month promotion: renew now, get three months free.

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ABC's annual Member Month promotion comes with a new twist this year: All current members who renew theit IABC membetship in November will get an extra three months free--that's 15 months of membership for the cost of 12. Every incoming new member this month will get the same offer. Plus, there are plenty of connections to be made.

What do we mean by that? We mean connections to your fellow communicators throughout the world. Of all of the benefits of being an IABC member, the ability to connect on so many different levels is the one we think has the most value. No other organization representing professional communicators offers its members the breadth and depth of connections that are available through IABC.

That's why we want to give our new and existing members even more time to make those connections--those three extra months of membership at no extra charge.

Connections are a two-way street and are a benefit that is only as valuable as an individual chooses to make it. So here are some tips to help make not only the most connections, but also the most of those connections through IABC:

* Attend your local chapter meetings.

You'll meet more colleagues in your area, many of whom may be willing and able to help you now or in the future.

* Plan to attend the annual World Conference. The people you'll meet and the inspiring speakers you'll hear will be worth it. The 2014 World Conference will be held 8-11 June in Toronto.

* Participate in lABC's social media channels. Many chapters have their own Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. IABC headquarters has both, as well as a robust discussion platform on our Linkedln group, a YouTube channel and an Instagram feed.

* Sign up for our monthly webinars. They're typically free for members, and you'll get to learn something new and hear questions from other members who may be dealing with some of the same communication issues you are.

* Enter the Cold Quill Awards. You'll get detailed feedback from senior professionals on your best work.

An IABC membership holds many more benefits, and we encourage you to check out all of them. But don't wait too long. The opportunity to get 15 for 12 will be gone before you know it. The deadline is 30...

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