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Meet CBA YLD Chair Mallory Hasbrook

No. Vol. 50, No. 9 [Page 50]

Colorado Lawyer

October, 2021



On the path to becoming a lawyer, CBA Young Lawyers Division Chair Mallory Hasbro ok to ok a small but significant detour early on in her academic career. "When I started undergrad at the University of Oklahoma, I initially planned to major in political science with an eye toward law school," she recalls. "However, I took an introduction to geology course as an elective my freshman year and fell in love with the subject so much that I changed my major."

Hasbrook explains, "Oil and gas is a major part of Oklahoma's economy, so when you grow up there, it's almost impossible not to have some familiarity with or connection to the industry." Delving further into the subject, she found she enjoyed learning more about the history and processes that have and will continue to shape our planet, including those that formed the natural resources that we depend on, such as oil and gas. And she wasn't simply confined to the classroom. The undergraduate program at the University of Oklahoma incorporates field work, and Hasbrook completed her capstone course for the degree at the Bartell Field Camp in Canon City, Colorado.

Switching Gears

However, as she reached the end of her undergraduate career, she knew she didn't want to pursue a master's degree in geology. "I spoke to one of my geology professors about the other options available to me, and he encouraged me to think outside the box, and to consider my other passions." In high school, Hasbrook had an AP US history teacher who "encouraged us to respectfully debate each other when we had differing opinions, write persuasive papers, and think about issues from all angles. I loved the class and his approach, and he took the time to talk with me about what careers I should consider that included those skills." Since then, law school had always been in the back of her mind, and as graduation neared, "I decided to go for it."

Hasbrook went from undergrad to law school, choosing to stay at the University of Oklahoma because of her love for the school and the strength of its reputation in her chosen areas of focus. "It was important to me because I knew the law school had an amazing energy and natural resources program," she says. While studying, Hasbrook was involved in several student groups...

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