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Established in 1907, Meech International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of static control, compressed air technology and web cleaning systems - both contact and non-contact. With unparalleled knowledge spanning both products and industries, the Meech team can offer your business solutions to solve your problems and improve the efficiency of your production.The technical knowledge of our staff, combined with extensive research and design, means that we are able to innovate and produce technology that is developed to exceptional quality standards.


Wherever you are in the world, you'll find Meech hard at work providing a wide range of businesses with technical expertise. From our manufacturing centers in the UK and the USA and sales offices in Belgium, Hungary, China, Singapore and India - we've got the world covered. Our distribution network now covers over 50 countries, providing easy access to fully trained, carefully selected Meech distributors, who can provide support, wherever you are based.


Meech products are manufactured by a team of skilled and qualified technicians and thousands of systems have already been installed in the plastics, converting, printing and packaging industries all around the world.

Our product range:

* Static Control Equipment

* Contact and Non-Contact Web Cleaner Systems

* Energy Efficient Compressed Air & Cooling Technology

Static Control

Meech has specialized in industrial electrostatic control for over 50 years and this experience has led to R&D that matches changing customer needs. Meech pioneered the industrial use of pulsed DC technology for static control and now has thousands of systems installed in the plastics, converting, packaging and printing industries. The physical phenomenon of static electricity has been recognized for a thousand years, is experienced by everyone, but understood by very few. Harnessed correctly, static can...

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