Medicaid Work Rules, State by State: Since January 2018, when Trump's Department of Health and Human Services announced that it would allow work requirements for those who receive Medicaid, a number of states have received approval to do so.

AuthorThomhave, Kalena


Before being appointed administrator of the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Seema Verma was a consultant who, alongside then-Governor Mike Pence, helped design Indiana's Medicaid waiver program. The program instituted premiums for the first time, cutting off people who couldn't pay. Indiana has now added a work requirement and is the only state currently operating such a program, though it will not begin removing people from Medicaid until 2020.


Before Republican Scott Walker left office as governor, he signed into law a bevy of legislation to limit the powers of the incoming governor, Democrat Tony Evers, who opposes the Medicaid work rule but now may be powerless to prevent it.


New Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is hoping to limit the Medicaid work requirement she inherited from the previous Republican governor. Michigan's requirement is stricter than in other states; parents with children six or older would be affected, as would adults over the age of sixty-two. One consulting firm's report estimated that, if Michigan's work requirement goes into effect as written, as many as 183,000 people, more than a quarter of the expansion population, could lose coverage.


Because the conservative state legislature refused to act, Utah voters passed a ballot measure to expand Medicaid across the state. State lawmakers responded by both curbing the extent of the expansion and adding a work requirement. The requirement, which will go into effect in January, is less severe than in other states: Medicaid recipients will need to register online, complete a virtual job training, and document their efforts to...

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