Media Should Only Present Facts.

Author:Rosenbluth, Susan
Position:Comments - Letter to the editor

How I wish the majority of mainstream media outlets would not only give lip service to your comments here, Tim, but would actually take them to heart. ("Business of News: Offering Balance," July 2019) This morning, all I saw on CNN and MSNBC were anchors--not analysts or op-ed writers--calling President Trump a "racist" and his campaign "ugly." These are not facts. No one knows what is in the president's heart, and "ugly" is in the eye of the beholder. The job of news media is to present the facts--what he said--and the way many different people representing many different sides have responded. If the journalist wants to explain why some people see what he said as "racist," that's fine, provided the journalist includes why others don't. Have you seen that kind of reporting...

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