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In his "Lies, Damn Lies, and Social Media" (April/May issue) opinion piece, Bill Lueders is at it again with his claim that conservative points of view are not being censored, because two well-known accounts have been restored. Suspending accounts is censorship, plain and simple, and is not excused if you decide at some later date to restore them. Lueders does get it right when he says, "As for who gets to be heard, the best answer is everyone." Unfortunately, that does not happen today, as "misinformation" is used to justify censoring opposing viewpoints.

--Bruce Barron Castro Valley, California

Was it just me or perhaps the rest of democracy-loving Americans as well who felt robbed with the news of the Dominion/Fox News Corp. settlement? Am I the only one who wanted to see Tucker Carlson's smug, stupid face explain to a jury how he lied to his viewers at the behest of his sugar daddy Rupert Murdoch? While

I don't fault Dominion one iota, $800 million won't be anything more than a bee sting to the money-printing factory that is the Fox News channel.


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