Measuring party polarization in Congress: lessons from congressional participation as amicus curiae.

Author:Devins, Neal
Position:Appendix A: Congressional Amicus Filings, 1974-85 & 2002-13, p. 956-1004 - Symposium: Executive Discretion and the Administrative State

APPENDIX A: CONGRESSIONAL AMICUS FILINGS, 1974-85 & 2002-13 Brief Name Case Name Time Period Brief for United Buckley v. Valeo, 1974-1985 States Senator Lee 424 U.S 1 (1976) Metcalf Brief of Senators Buckley v. Valeo, 1974-1985 Hugh Scott and 424 U.S 1 (1976) Edward M. Kennedy, Amici Curiae Brief for Senators National League of 1974 1985 Harrison A. Cities v. Usery, 426 Williams, Jr. and U.S. 833 (1976) Jacob K. Javits as Amici Curiae Brief Amicus Curiae Kleppe v. Sierra 1974-1985 of John D. Dingell Club, 427 U.S. 390 (U.S. Rep., 16th (1976) Dist. Michigan) Brief for Amicus Regents of the 1974 1985 Curiae Henry A. University of Calif, Waxman in Support of v. Bakke, 438 U.S. Respondent 265 (1978) Brief for Hon. Hisquierdo v. 1974 1985 Patricia Schroeder, Hisquierdo, 439 U.S. Hon. Yvonne 572 (1979) Brathwaite Burke, Hon. John L. Burton, Hon. Cardiss Collins, Hon. Dante B. Fascell, Hon. Millicent Fenwick, Hon. Donald M. Fraser, Hon. Jim Leach, Hon. William Lehman, Hon. Helen S. Mevner, Hon. Barbara A. Mikulski, Hon. George Miller, Horn Gladys Spellman Members of Congress as Amici Curiae Brief for Hon. Vance v. Bradley, 1974-1985 Claude Pepper, Hon. 440 U.S. 93 (1979) Edward R. Roybal, Hon. Fred B. Rooney, Hon. Mario Biaggi, Hon. John L. Burton, Hon. John Paul Hanimersehmi dt, Hon. Charles E. Grassley, Hon. Matthew J. Rinaldo Brief Amici Curiae United States v, 1974-1985 of the Honorable Helstoski, 442 U.S. Thomas P. O'Neill, 477 (1979) Jr., Speaker; The Honorable Frank Thompson, Jr., Chairman and Honorable William L. Dickinson, Committee on House Administration, of the United States House of Representatives Brief Amici Curiae Hutchinson v. 1974-1985 of the Honorable Proxmire, 443 U.S. Warren G. Magnuson, Ill (1979) President Pro Tempore; the Honorable Robert C. Byrd, Majority Leader; the Honorable Howard H. Baker, Jr., Minority Leader; the Honorable Claiborne Pell, Chairman; and the Honorable Mark 0. Hatfield, Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Rules and Administration, of the United States Senate on Behalf of the United States Senate Brief of the Hutchinson v. 1974-1985 Honorable Thomas P. Proxmire, 443 U.S. O'Neill, Jr., Ill (1979) Speaker; the Honorable Jim Wright, Majority Leader and the Honorable John J. Rhodes, Minority Leader, of the United States House of Representatives, as Amici Curiae Brief Amici Curiae United Steelworkers 1974-1985 of the Hon. Patricia of America, AFL- Schroeder, Member of CIO-CLC v. Weber et Congress, and The al., 443 U.S. 193 ACLU Women's Rights (1979) Project, Chicana Service Action Center, Creative Employment Project, Equal Rights Advocates, Inc., Federally Employed Women, Federally Employed Women's Legal and Education Fund, League of Women Voters of the United States. National Association of Black Women Attorneys, Inc., National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Inc., National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. Inc., National Women's Employment Project, National Women's Political Caucus, National Organization for Women, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Organization of Chinese American Women, 60 Words Per Minute, Skilled Jobs for Women, Inc., Wider Opportunities for Women, Inc., Women Employed, Women in Apprenticeship Program, Inc., Women in Construction Project, Women Working in Construction, Women's Division of R.T.P.. Inc., Women's Equity Action League, Women's Equity Action League Educational and Legal Defense Fund, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and YWCA Women's Trade Center Brief of Rep. Jim Harris v. McRae, 448 1974-1985 Wright, Rep. John J. U.S. 297 (1980) Rhodes, Rep. Robert H. Michel, Rep. Lindy Boggs, Rep. Mary Rose Oakar, Senator William Proxmire, Senator Thomas F. Eagleton, Senator Edward Zorinsky, and Certain Other Members of the Congress of the United States as Amici Curiae Brief Amici Curiae Fullilove v. 1974-1985 of the Affirmative Klutznick, 448 U.S. Action Coordinating 448 (1980) Center, the National Conference of Black Lawyers, the National Lawyers Guild, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Center for Urban Law, Hon. Parren J. Mitchell, Member of Congress Brief of Amici Rostker v. Goldberg, 1974-1985 Curiae, Congressman 453 U.S. 57 (1981) Robert W. Kastenmeier, Congressman Don Edwards and Senator Carl Levin Brief of Amici Rostker v. Goldberg, 1974-1985 Curiae, Congressman 453 U.S. 57 (1981) Lawrence P. McDonald, Congressman Newt Gingrich, Congressman John M. Ashbrook, Senator Jake Garn, Senator Orrin G. Hatch, and the Washington Legal Foundation Brief Amici Curiae Lehman v. Nakshian, 1974-1985 for Hon. Claude 453 U.S. 156 (1981) Pepper, Hon. Geraldine A. Ferraro, Hon. Tom Lantos, Hon. Bruce F. Vento, Hon. Thomas J. Downey,Hon. Mary Rose Oakar, Hon. Ron Wyden, Hon. John L. Burton, Hon. Henry A. Waxman, Hon. William Ratchford, Hon. James M. Jeffors, Hon. Barney Frank, Hon. Edward R. Roybal, Members of Congress as Amici Curiae Brief Amici Curiae McCarty v. McCarty, 1974-1985 on Behalf of Certain 453 U.S. 210 (1981) Members of Congress and Organizations (In Support of Appellee) Brief Amicus Curiae CBS, Inc. v. Federal 1974-1985 Submitted on Behalf Communications of National Citizens Commission, 453 U.S. Committee for 367 (1981) Broadcasting, National Black Media Coalition, Americans for Democratic Action, United Food & Commercial Workers International Union, Stewart Rawlings Mott, National Unity Campaign for John Anderson, James L. Buckley, National Education Association, Rep. Albert Gore, Jr., Rep. Bill Frenzel, and Jerome Barron Brief Amid Curiae Commonwealth Edison 1974-1985 Co. v. Montana, 453 U.S. 609 (1981) Brief as Amici Commonwealth Edison 1974-1985 Curiae of the Co. v. Montana, 453 Honorable Max U.S. 609 (1981) Baucus, the Honorable Mark N. Andrews, the Honorable Quentin N. Burdick, the Honorable Dennis Deconcini, the Honorable John Melcher, the Honorable Hank Brown, the Honorable Byron L. Dorgan, the Honorable Ray Kogovsek, the Honorable Michael E. Lowry, the Honorable Ron Marlenee, the Honorable Jim Santini, the Honorable Allen Byron Swift, the Honorable Pat Williams, the Honorable Timothy E. Wirth in Support of Appellees Brief as Amicus Weinberger v. Rossi, 1974-1985 Curiae of Several 456 U.S. 25 (1982) Members of Congress in Support of Respondents Brief Amici Curiae North Haven Board of 1974-1985 on Behalf of Birch Education v. Bell, Bayh, Robert Drinan, 456 U.S. 512 (1982) Don Edwards, Edith Green, Patsy Minkand and Patricia Schroeder Brief Amicus Curiae Nixon v. Fitzgerald, 1974-1985 of Senator Orrin G. 457 U.S. 731 (1982) Hatch and Representatives John D. Dingell, Robert K. Dornan, Barney Frank, Albert Gore, Jr., A. Toby Moffett and Patricia Schroeder, Members of Congress, in Support of Respondent Brief for Honorable Crawford v. Board of 1974-1985 Bobbi Fielder, Education of Los Member of Congress Angeles, 458 U.S. as Amicus Curiae 527 (1982) Brief Amici Curiae Rogers v. Lodge, 458 1974-1985 of the N.A.A.C.P. U.S. 613 (1982) Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and the Congressional Black Caucus in Support of Appellees Brief of Congressman Bob Jones University 1974-1985 Trent Lott as Amicus v. United States, Curiae 461 U.S. 574 (1983) Brief of United United States v. 1974-1985 States Ptasynski, 462 U.S. Representative 74 (1983) Silvio 0. Conte Amicus Curiae Brief Amici Curiae United States v. 1974-1985 of Senator Don Ptasynski, 462 U.S. Nickles, Congressmen 74 (1983) Mickey Edwards, Jack Fields, RonPaul and the Washington Legal Foundation Brief Amicus Curiae Bush v. Lucas, 462 1974-1985 of Representatives U.S. 367 (1983) Patricia Schroeder, Dante B. Fascell, Morris K. Udall, Shirley Chisholm, Bruce F. Vento, Donald Joseph Albosta, Geraldine Ferraro, Mike Lowry, Thomas E. Petri, and Senator William Proxmire, Members of Congress, and the National Taxpayers Union,in Support of Petitioner Brief of Certain Immigration and 1974-1985 Members of the Naturalization United States House Service v. Chadha, of Representatives, 462 U.S. 919 (1983) amici curiae Brief of the Grove City College 1974-1985 Honorable Claudine v. Bell 465 U.S. 555 C. Schneider, Gary (1984) Ackerman, Michael A. Andrews, Anthony C. Beilenson, William S. Broomfield, Sala Burton, Rod Chandler, Barber B. Conable, Jr., Alan Cranston. George W. Crockett. Jr., Norman E. D'Amours, Robert W. Davis, Bob Dole, Byron L. Dorgan, Don Edwards, Cooper Evans, Lane Evans, Walter E. Fauntroy, Vic Fazio, Geraldine A. Ferraro, Barney Frank, Dan Glickman, William H. Gray III, Bill Green, James M. Jeffords, Nancy L. Johnson, Marcy Kaptur, Barbara B. Kennelly, William Lehman, Mickey Leland, Mel Levine, John R. McKernan, Jr., Stewart B. McKinney, Buddy MacKay, Lynn Martin, Barbara A. Mikulski, Norman Y. Miiieta, Bruce A. Morrison, Mary Rose Oakar, James R. Ollin, Rob Packwood, Claude Pepper, Edward R. Roybal, Patricia Schroeder, Paul Simon, Olympia J. Snowe, Estaban Edward Torres, James Weaver, Ted Weiss, Howard Wolpe of the United States Congress, as Amid Curiae Brief of Amici Consolidated Rail 1974-1985 Curiae Senators Alan Corp. v. Darrone 465 Cranston, Robert J. U.S. 624 (1984) Dole, Orrin Hatch, Edward M. Kennedy, Claiborne Pell, Robert T. Stafford, Lowell Representatives Mario Biaggi, Don Edwards, William D. Ford, James M. Jeffords, George Miller, Austin J. Murphy, and Pat Williams in Support of Respondent Brief of American Heckler v. Mathews, 1974-1985 Federation of 465 U.S. 728 (1984) Government Employees, AFL-CIO, and James L. Oberstar, Member of Congress, as Amici Curiae Brief for the Monsanto Co. v. 1974-1985 Undersigned Senators Spray-Rite Service and Representatives Corp., 465 U.S. 752 as Amicus Curiae (1984) Brief of Amici Immigration and 1974-1985 Curiae in Support of Naturalization Respondent Service v. Stevie, 467 U.S. 407 (1984) Brief on Behalf of Lindahl v. Office of 1974-1985 Petitioners in 5 Personnel Cases Pending Before Management, 470 U.S. the Court of Appeals 768 (1985) for the Federal Circuit, Mary Rose Oakar...

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