McNab, Andy & Rigby, Robert. Traitor.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

McNAB, Andy & RIGBY, Robert. Traitor. Penguin, Putnam. 269p. c2005.0-399-24464-6. $15.99. JS *

McNab is an experienced (highly decorated) British soldier and Rigby has written extensively for children. Their combined efforts here make for a compelling thriller with highly realistic details about covert operations. The main character, Danny, is 17 years old and has just been rejected by the British army because he is told that his grandfather, Fergus Watts, is a traitor. In a fury, Danny (an orphan) goes on a search for the missing grandfather, with the help of his friend Elena, who is a computer whiz. This is a set-up: a real traitor in the secret services wants to find Fergus and eliminate him, using Danny as bait to get Fergus to reveal his whereabouts. Danny does locate Fergus and is persuaded that he is...

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