McMahon, Donna. Dance of knives.

Author:Root, Deirdre B.
Position::Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Tor. 416p. c2001. 0-312-87536-3. $15.95. SA

Klale escapes her Guild and flees to a post-apocalyptic Vancouver, run by gangs called tongs and full of nameless dangers. Here she quickly finds a job and friends--and makes one deadly enemy. As a dancer and waitress at the KlonDyke, she rubs shoulders uncomfortably with tong bigwigs and comes into contact with Blade, a cyborg assassin whose damaged brain makes him completely inhuman, according to everyone around him. But Klale sees the humanity deep inside him, and when the city is engulfed in a tong war and her enemy strikes, Blade is the only...

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