MCCONNELL, JOHN W. The Evolution of Social Classes. Pp. x, 228. Washington: American Council on Public Affairs, 1942. Paperbound: $3.00; Clothbound: $3.50

Published date01 November 1942
Date01 November 1942
Subject MatterArticles
to be a dramatic popularization, why
ments permitted. There was real achieve-
weaken its impact by beginning with three
ment in the conservation program. But
pages of foreword and acknowledgments-
the educational program left much to be
the abracadabra of the scholarly thesis?
Some illiterates were taught to
Finally, if, as stated on page 99, &dquo;planning
read. Some boys made up deficiencies in
involves all branches of government,&dquo; why,
common school subjects.
Most of them
in the pictorial charts of the organization of
received good training on the job. But
the city and county governments, is the
general education, both vocational and avo-
planning agency grouped modestly and in-
cational, was often poorly planned and
conspicuously with road commissioners and
In the fields of health and
municipal engineers and surveyors, instead
safety, positive results were attained. In
of being where it should be, at the right
religion, morals, and citizenship, there was
hand of the governing body and chief ad-
little evidence of change in the boys.
ministrator as a staff co-ordinating agency?
Some reasons for limited success in the
CCC were: divided authority, personnel
National Housing Agency
unprepared for this particular assignment,
lack of a general philosophy, and absence
of an integrated program of work, training,
HILL. Youth in the CCC. Pp. xv, 263.
and play.
Washington: American Council on Edu-
The book is simply and interestingly
cation, 1942. $2.25.
written and well illustrated.
It offers to
From 1933 to 1941 about 2,750,000
all educators and citizens with open minds
youths were enrolled in the Civilian Con-
some serious challenges. While based on
servation Corps. To evaluate the pro-
a rather elaborate piece of research, it was
gram, a five-year study was sponsored by
not written for specialists in any of the
the American Youth Commission of the
social sciences.

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