McCaughrean, Geraldine. The stones are hatching.

Author:Conrad, Stacey
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

HarperTrophy: 244p. c1999. 0-06-447218-3 $5.95. J

Phelim and his companions, a motley crew of people and animals, journey to the Stoor Worm's lair to defeat it and its hatchlings who have been roused by the guns of the Great War. Young Phelim is a reluctant hero--Jack of the Green, his companions call him, but Phelim knows that Jack is his father and he is not up to the task set before him. The Stoor Worm, as big as a mountain range, is awakening and sending her hatchlings out to torment the local people with monsters they had long forgotten about and relegated to myth and superstition. Alexia, the maiden, helps Phelim by sacrificing her life in a small village that has remembered the old ways and is practicing old magic. Mad Sweeny, a fool, gives Phelim the knowledge of the countryside and...

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