May 2018 State of the Foundation.

Position:From the President

Dear Members,

Your foundation just completed a good year and looks forward with energy and optimism. Operationally and financially, the Air Force Historical Foundation largely maintained or advanced its position. Whether through publishing quality scholarship in our flagship Air Power History, disseminating short items of historical interest via electronic media, conducting awards and events, or behind-the-scenes work by your volunteer Board, we continue to press to keep airpower history accessible, accurate and relevant. Our resource picture remains modestly positive, with our recently-received major bequest returning gains above our projections. We hope to grow this and future major gifts to the point they routinely cover future, more robust operating expenses. To that end, we are avoiding drawing on the corpus of those funds in order to assure the existence--if not the full potential--of the Foundation for many years to come.

Reaching our potential will require reinvigorating selected past efforts, but that is not enough. We must expand our horizons with regard to organizational partnerships, enhanced collection and sharing of oral history, leveraging the formidable storehouse of scholarship in Airpower History, and other innovative ways to draw serving Airmen to be motivated by their heritage and interested in airpower history. Equally, there are individuals and companies with connections to airpower we are not yet reaching, and we should. If we are to sustain and honor the stewardship, esteem, and respect in which Foundation members hold our Air Force's history, we will need ideas and support from all, and as time and resources permit, financial and personal support from some of you.


The Foundation put together memorable award events this year. The 2017 Doolittle Award was presented in two different venues to the 432nd Wing: The first was at a wing-wide event at their home station, Creech Air Force Base, on January 18th, and the second was at the Air Force Memorial and subsequent Annual Awards Banquet on January 30th. The 432nd brought to Washington nearly sixty of its members for the event, which made it a very lively, "multigenerational" evening! Those in attendance were treated to personal, humorous, and very thoughtful remarks from our Spaatz award recipient General Richard B. Myers. We were also quite fortunate to have in attendance Keith Ferris, our Holley award recipient, who shared both a wonderful slideshow of some of...

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