MAX or No MAX? How to Avoid Boeing MAX Planes.

In view of the technical and mechanical problems with the grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts, passengers might be pleased to learn that there are ways to find out if they're flying on the troubled jets.

There are currently 74 MAX 8 and MAX 9 planes in operation in the U.S. But Delta does not fly any 737 MAX planes, which were the cause of 346 deaths in two separate crashes.

Southwest Airlines Co., the largest operator of MAX, and United Continental, have both said it will let fearful passengers switch from MAX planes to flights on other aircrafts with no added fees.

Also, the online flight aggregator Kayak promised to introduce a data filter that will allow customers to sort their flights by plane model, allowing them to exclude MAX jets if they want to.

Finally, there are sites, like, that check the type of aircraft for each flight.


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