Mauser conversions.

Author:John, Jeff, II
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Q: I own a Spanish FR-8 Mauser in .308. I want to install a telescopic sight, but the rear sight from the CETME G-3 is where the rear sight base would be installed. Since I've already turned down the bolt handle, is there a way to mount a scope? I also own several small-ring Mausers. Does anyone make a cock-on-opening kit for them? Lastly, I saw an ad for Archangel stocks in the July issue, but there is only a website listed to contact them. I don't have a computer. Can you provide an address?

JoJo Madrid II


A: You might think twice about sporterizing your FR-8 any further. The rear sight is sweated or welded to the receiver and difficult to remove. The only alternative to major surgery to fit bases on top of the receiver is the Weaver Sidemount base. The No. 5 (48405) for the 98 Mauser may work, but you will drill 4 holes and likely need shims to fit it correctly. If you add the as-is value of the rifle to the expense of the work needed, you may be ahead just buying a Ruger American or similar mass-market rifle, which may go on sale as hunting season winds down. Since the bolt handle is already bent, your project is worth exploring, but you destroy what's left of the FR-8's...

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