MATTERN, JOHANNES. Geopolitik: Doc trine of National Self-sufficiency and Empire. Pp. 139. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1942. Paper bound : $1.50; clothbound: $2.00

Date01 November 1942
AuthorH. Athur Steiner
Published date01 November 1942
Subject MatterArticles
ought to consider the book a best buy, on
overcapacity, unions or no unions. Our
many other grounds in addition to its union
contributors keep alive the glow of hope
of union-management co-operation in di-
Several of our first impressions prove,
rections other than attempts to handicap
on further study and reflection, to be some-
competitors, and they give a salutary em-
what superficial. The small number of
phasis to elasticity of demand for the in-
tables and charts, for instance, suggests
dustry’s products. Readers of the book
inattention to problems of quantitative
will do well to work out supplementary ex-
measurement; but most of the needful sta-
ercises along the latter line, with a view
tistics are given, in condensed form, in
to showing both management and labor that
the text.
Much more significant are the
100-per-cent organization and legal con-
recurrent indications that employers’ or-
trols in any industry are opportunities,
ganizations for collective bargaining are
rather than consummations of security and
generally in a cruder stage than are the
prosperity of the industry’s members.
corresponding unions. These essays, to
be sure, give more detail and analysis con-
University of Michigan
cerning development of labor’s organiza-
tion, policy, and practices than of the same
MATTERN, JOHANNES. Geopolitik: Doc-
matters on the employers’ side. This dif-
trine of National Self-sufficiency and
ference appears attributable to several fac-
Pp. 139.
Baltimore: The
tors, such as easier accessibility and more
Johns Hopkins Press, 1942.
human interest of labor data, the past spe-
bound : $1.50; clothbound: $2.00.
cialization of these authors in studies of
trade unionism, and the present problems
Professor Mattern’s study of Geopolitik
of public policy as to union methods. This
is a creditable and adequate performance,
book’s function on the last of these points
if one is willing to accept two serious and

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