A Matter Of Conscience.

Author:McGuire, Julie
Position:Book review

Sherry Lee Hoppe (author), Dennie B. Burke (author); A MATTER OF CONSCIENCE; Wakestone Press (True Crime) $27.99 ISBN: 9781609560010

Byline: Julie McGuire

Few things are more American than Friday night high school football. For the star of a winning team, the world is, indeed, an oyster. So it was for the late Bobby Hoppe, Chattanooga Central High's "living legend." Hoppe's hard work, determination, and raw talent earned him the respect of his peers, and the adoration of the lower-middle-class community that needed a hero. It also propelled him to a spot on the Auburn Tigers college football team.

In the early morning of July 20, 1957, home for the summer break, the Auburn star had just enjoyed a date with his girlfriend. As he drove home something went terribly wrong; Hoppe shot and killed Don Hudson, his sister's ex-boyfriend, a disreputable whiskey runner who just four days earlier had been released from jail. Convinced his act was in self-defense, Hoppe nonetheless fled back to Auburn, where he would lead that season's team to the 1957 national championship. But Hoppe's conscience would haunt him for most of his life.

A Matter of Conscience is more than the story of what happened that night, and what became of Bobby Hoppe. It is also more than the recounting of the highly-publicized trial conducted thirty-one years after the...

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