Matrix Broadband.

Position:Special Advertising Section: Corporate Profiles - Brief Article

When Broadband Solutions began to falter due to the Rhythm's bankruptcy, William H. Zimmerling saw an opportunity. Wanting to preserve the commercial ISP platform and to fulfill a responsibility to hundreds of customers, Zimmerling reset the business and created Matrix Broadband.

Matrix Broadband provides high speed Internet access for companies using DSL, TI, and frame relay. In response to a demand from clients, the company is offering network services. "We are taking our engineers who have installed over 1000 businesses during the past three years on the Front Range for high speed Internet access and making them available to go in the office to help clients with local area network needs," said Zimmerling, president and CEO Matrix Broadband.

The company's network engineers, with combined experience of over 60 years in data networking, offer free network assessments for clients and are available to provide on-site technical services to small and medium size businesses without requiring a monthly retainer.

The debt free company, which owns all of its facilities outright, will continue to expand through partnerships with other companies. Matrix...

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