Les Materials de l'Armee de l'Aire #4: P-47 Thunderbolt Francais.

Author:Simonsen, Daniel J.
Position:Book review

Les Materials de l'Armee de l'Aire #4: P-47 Thunderbolt Francais. By Guilleman Sebastien. Paris: Histoire & Collections, 2007. Photographs. Pp. 64. 14.95 [euro] u($19.95) ISBN: 978-291523990-4

Bien que ce livre est en francais c'est un bon livre pour n'importe qui aime le P-47 coup de foudre. [Translation: Even though this book is in French, it is a book for anyone who likes the P-47 Thunderbolt.] From 1944 until 1960, the French Air Force flew between 550 and 600 (some sources give a figure of 446) P-47s of various models. The Republic P-47, with over 13,000 built, was one of the United States' main fighters during World War II. Known for its durability, the P-47 was an outstanding close air support aircraft as well as an excellent escort fighter.

P-47 Thunderbolt discusses the French Air Force's acquisition of the P-47 as well as early combat against surrounded German positions bypassed during the Normandy breakout. After World War II, the P-47s remained in service in the French Air Force to include participation in the French-Algerian War. The book does an outstanding job of giving details about each Group that flew the Thunderbolt. The group histories are very detailed focusing on activation dates, aircraft models, locations, dates, and brief descriptions of combat action. The group descriptions focus on details rather than "there I was" stories. Along with each group description is high-quality color artwork of the various group patches. While primarily focusing on the later "bubble canopy" models...

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