Masters targets shooting fun.

Author:Thurman, Russ
Position:Industry watch

The Shooting Industry Masters is about having fun shooting. Yes, we raise money for NSSF's First Shots, but we couldn't have raised $94,000 for the program if the Masters wasn't fun.


For this year's match, we added a new fun twist. We are only permitting the firearms we provide to be used during our Handgun and Rifle Stages. And we're not announcing the firearms or the courses of fire. Competitors will step to the firing line, receive a briefing on the course of fire and enjoy the shooting.

Yes, we know other competitions do it differently, but this is the Masters. We focus on fun, not on competition. That's also why we don't publish shooting scores. Not worrying about scores has raised the fun factor for those at the Masters significantly. The Masters is more of a family picnic...

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